Our Services

for Our Clients and Our Candidates

BNG Consulting, Inc. offers the following services to our client companies and our candidates.


For Clients:

Exclusive Candidates
BNG Consulting, Inc. allows our clients access to the highest quality candidates not found in typical job boards or other agencies. Our network consists of qualified professionals who are selectively looking to further their careers. At BNG, we expertly match your job opportunity with the qualified candidate – a practice that delivers a distinct edge to your business.

How do we maintain such a strong network of candidates? The answer lies in our communication. We stay in constant contact during each step of the recruitment process – meaning that you don’t lose candidates. We know what our candidates are looking for, what opportunities they have to consider, and what they want out of their next job. Our knowledge of their needs is your advantage in the recruiting process.

Salary Negotiations
Our agency will manage the process of salary and benefits negotiation between company and candidate, ensuring that the relationship between you and your new employee starts on the right foot. Negotiating an offer with a candidate can be awkward. Companies often don't know the candidate's salary requirements or the true market value of the position. BNG can help to accurately weigh the candidate's level of experience against the current marketplace, helping hiring firms to present offers that are fair, attractive, and competitive.

Job Description Creation
BNG fully comprehends the importance of each open position in your firm. As your agency, it’s our job to know about your business, your culture and even your competitors. Utilizing BNG’s experience and expertise to create your job description means that your job is instantly more marketable, giving you access to the candidates that you truly want to reach.

Reference Checks & Degree Confirmation
We work with only the highest-quality candidates to ensure client satisfaction. We are only going to present candidates that we feel comfortable representing. Our rigorous screening includes a personal interview and reference check for each candidate to ensure quality. We want to make certain that whoever we recommend for the job will do it well both now and in the future. If we can't find the perfect fit for your job opening, we keep looking and keep you informed of our progress.


For candidates

Quality Positions
At BNG, our commitment to your career goals means that you’ll find only the best positions to choose from. We take the time to learn about what you really want in your next job, and we don’t stop until we match you with the ideal position. We also stick to what we know best – our years of placement experience within specific industries mean that we speak the language of your career.

Resume Writing
BNG's principals and recruiters have worked in the fields they represent, not only as recruiters, but as financial analysts, investment specialists, sales and marketing professionals and accountants. Our professionals know their industries first-hand, because they've been there. This experience enables us to help you develop a resume that truly brings your strengths to the forefront; one that separates you from the rest of the field.

Interview Tips
Interviewing techniques change over time, so even if you're feeling confident, some guidance from your recruiter can give you an edge over other potential candidates. We can give you the insider's perspective of the company, based on our knowledge of the client. Our agency will walk you through the interview process, anticipating questions and helping you strategize your approach to the interview.

Salary Negotiation
Our agency will manage the process of salary and benefits negotiation between candidate and company, ensuring that the relationship between you and your new employer starts on the right foot.